Nicola Furlong

novelist, Radio Host, and Chocoholic in British Columbia, Canada

Nicola Furlong

novelist, Radio Host, and Chocoholic in British Columbia, Canada

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A friggin’ lucky British Columbian, I’ve landed two new gigs hosting ONLINE radio programs / podcasts.

SEEING DEAD PEOPLE is the only true crime and mystery storytelling podcast with a CLAIRVOYANT twist. Goosebumps Guaranteed!

ABOUT THE PENINSULA showcases interviews with fascinating people on the Saanich Peninsula, BC.

Both programs air on RadioSidney (online and via app) and are available as immediate streaming podcasts. Just click on an episode.

You’ll be totally spooked by listening to SEEING DEAD PEOPLE live on Saturdays at 8pm PST and Sundays at 10am PST. Just click the play button @ RADIOSIDNEY.

You’ll discover amazing people on ABOUT THE PENINSULA on Wednesdays, Fridays & Sundays by clicking the PLAY button at 7pm PST @ RADIOSIDNEY.

I also chat with book folks, discovering practical tips for fiction writers, on my third podcast THE NOVEL EXPERIENCE, also hosted by

In additions, I create wildly colourful and textured mixed-media paintings, write mystery and women's fiction, and how-to ebooks on mystery writing and gardening.

For a larger portfolio of my art, just click on the + sign on the last photo icon. I sell funky digital images of my art online (viaREDBUBBLE) on T-shirts, phone/tablet cases, home decor, art prints, clocks and greeting cards. How cool is that?

Most of the time, truth be told, I grow blooms and bamboo, indulge in chocolate fudge and have a blast playing old timer’s hockey and biking the sea-kissed rural roads of my small oceanside town on southern Vancouver Island.

I'm the author of HEARTSONG and HOMEFIRES, the first two books in my new women's fiction series, the Sisterhood of Shepherds.

I've also penned two stand-alone mysteries (TEED OFF! and A HEMORRHAGING OF SOULS), a how-to-write a mystery (YOUDUNIT WHODUNIT) and six inspirational cozies from the CHURCH CHOIR MYSTERY series. All my books are available on Amazon.

Several years ago, I had a blast co-creating QUILLR®, a new multimedia storytelling platform. The first QUILLR® is my controversial suspense thriller UNNATURALSTATES.

For more info, click on the links below or even better EMAIL me: novelnicola (at) gmail (dot) com and lets natter!